Barn in a Blue Field

Barn in a Blue Field is a pleasant departure for me from my usual strong golds and oranges. I feel as if I am being pulled deep in to the painting even though the size is a small 6x6. This painting is acrylic on board, sealed with a UV resistant varnish and framed in a trim little rosewood colored frame. The price is $125. It is one of many small paintings set for my open house November 21 and 22. Happily, the little 4x6 painting in my earlier post below, Fort Rock Farm Landscape, found its way to a family with three children who attended the Montessori school there on the property.

And to continue the farm theme... Divine Cafe and Grill is hosting a Flapjack Fundraiser for the Save Fort Rock Farm Fund this Sunday, 8-5, $12 adults, $8 children. Join them for a fabulous gathering of friends and good food (and real maple syrup!). My postcards pictured to the left will be on sale as part of the fundraiser. $12 for a pack of 10 with %50 of each purchase going to the fund.
Thank you for looking...
Please, send my color to a friend.


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