Beacon Hill Art Walk

What a wonderful day it was at the Beacon Hill Art Walk in Boston this past Sunday. This was the first time I had entered this show and I just loved being able to get a glimpse of the private gardens and walkways in the community. All sorts of visual art in alleys, tents, and on terraces... plus musical performances filled the hill. The larger photo above of the tabletop arrangement is of a portion of my display for the show. And the smaller photo is of my painting titled "Martini Dance" (SOLD) which found its way to a very happy new owner at the art walk. I was also really honored that I won a third place ribbon that day for my body of work .... so exciting. And I look forward to next year's art walk! Keep in touch... my next blog entry will include new work, some commissioned art I will be starting, and information about how to purchase my pieces online.

Hope you all have a lovely day... Thanks for looking at my color!
See my work currently at:
FaLaLo on Ladd Street in Portsmouth and at
Divine Cafe and Grille on Lincoln Street in Exeter!

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