Youth Art Show and Diane's Home Show

Hello Friends,
What a busy and wonderful weekend!
Saturday was the opening of a very popular art show in Exeter... the Youth Art Show. It is a show of student work from kindergarten through grade twelve. It is made possible by the Exeter Arts Committee, teachers in the SAU 16 district, several dedicated volunteers, and of course the students! The show is inspiring, genuine, and buzzing with the energy of young artists and their families. It runs Saturdays and Sundays, 12-4, through March 30 at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery... check it out if you can.
A separate event on Saturday night was a new experience in my personal art adventures. A wonderful person and friend held an open house for me, Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs, and Lori Martone Pottery. We all brought our creations. It was a lovely way to connect with interested art lovers and a great opportunity to party. The painting pictured is one of several I had on exhibit in her lovely home. Thank you Diane!
Ebay is just around the corner, now. Please, check back often to see my paintings coming soon for auction and if you like my work, please, do pass my site on to others.
Thanks for looking!

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