A pleasant surprise today

This morning I went to the Divine Cafe and Grille for breakfast. I love the owners and folks there... they are all really great people and their mission is to make good food with the least impact on the environment possible. I came to know them in August 2007 when they were building and getting ready to open. At that time I asked the owner, Bonnie, if she had plans for the walls and showed her my work. Our energies meshed well and it has been a nice journey since then. I have been their artist since the first day. Today, as I entered, a friend who had just finished breakfast with her family, approached me and said she wanted to purchase a painting there... she did.... I am honored.
The painting shown here, Out My Back Window, is not the one sold today, but is a new one just finished last week. It was fun to paint. I like the color. Hope you enjoy it!

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